Top Trading Mistakes and How to Avoid them

If you have decided to trade, then it is understood that some mistakes are unavoidable. Obviously, when you are new, you are bound to make mistakes and that’s how you will learn. But, this doesn’t mean that you should make a habit of them because these mistakes can be very costly. You need to learn from successful as well as unsuccessful positions. However, in order to ensure you don’t make these mistakes repeatedly, it is important to identify and understand them. Highlighted below are the top trading mistakes and how they can be avoided:

·       Not researching the markets

Some traders often open or close a position because they have received a tip or based on their gut feeling. This does yield results sometimes, but this is just a stroke of luck. You need to back these tips or feelings with market research and evidence before you commit to following up. Before opening a position, understanding a market properly is of the utmost importance. Not every market responds the same way. For instance, you cannot apply the strategies and tactics of the stock market to the crypto market as the latter is way more volatile than the former.

·       Trading without a plan

During your time in the market, the trading plan acts as a blueprint. This plan contains a strategy, amount of capital you want to invest, and time commitment. It is tempting to scrap your plan if you have had a bad day in the market, but you have to remember that a bad day doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the plan. Stick to your trading plan in the long-term and only adjust it as per market conditions when required.

·       Not cutting your losses

It is a grave error to let losing trades continue in the hope that the market will turn. If you fail to cut your losses, it will wipe out any other profits you might have made elsewhere. This is particularly true for short-term trading or day-trading because these techniques depend on quick market movements for making a profit. While some losses are inevitable in the world of trading, you can use stops for closing a position that’s moving against the market. Likewise, you can also use a limit order for closing your trade after it has made a certain amount of profit. Brokers like Current provide their clients with different types of order to help them in minimizing their losses and maximizing profits.

·       Overexposing a position

If a trader commits too much capital to a specific market, it will be overexposed. It is natural for traders to want to increase their exposure if they believe the market will rise. However, it is important to remember that while increased exposure can give larger profits, it can also increase the inherent risk. It is an unwise trading strategy to invest in a single asset.

·       Diversify, but not over diversify

Diversifying a trading portfolio acts as a hedge in the situation where one asset’s value declines. Opening too many positions in a short amount of time is quite unwise. Diversifying a portfolio can give you higher returns, but you also have to work harder to maintain it. For instance, you will have to keep an eye on more events and news that could result in market movements. If you are just starting out, you may not want to do so. But, it shouldn’t be forgotten that a diverse portfolio can increase your exposure to any possible positive market movement. In this way, you can benefit from trends in several markets rather than depending on a single market to move favorably.

·       Not choosing the right broker or exchange

Depending on what asset you are going to trade, you have to choose a broker or exchange to do so. It is crucial for you to do your due diligence to choose the right one. The wrong one could be a fraud or scam or may simply not offer you the features or tools you need to trade profitably. There are some good ones out there, such as exchange, which can provide you with comprehensive services. The key is to read reviews and feedback provided by others to make the right choice.

·       Not understanding leverage

Put simply, leverage is a loan given to you by a provider for opening a position. A deposit is paid by the traders, called margin, and they can get market exposure equal to as if they had opened the complete value of the position. But, it is important to remember that while leverage can boost your gains, it can also amplify your losses. Trading with leverage can seem to be quite attractive, but you need to understand its full implications before you open a position. Always weigh the pros and cons before you use leverage.



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